empowering things with intelligence

Low code/no code platform

So you can use your time for the other creative tasks that you are passionate about

light os for IoT with integrated ai

You've got the right combination of technology to do more complex things with very less resources

edge ai capability

The devices you use can now do some critical thinking from the data they gather besides just gathering and exchanging it

made in india

The torchbearer of Design in India with the vision AtmanirbharIndia and to make cutting-edge tecgnology accessible to everyone on the planet

an o/s that lets devices
have their own intelligence

Computers are gonna go into a significant number of devices out there,which means these devices will not just gather and exchange data but also LEARN from that data and perform intelligent tasks. This requires something remarkable that will allow the devices to perform complex tasks. For that, we designed a software stack, a phenomenal O/S that enables the devices with AI capabilities.

Our Mission

At Shunya, our mission is to help other IoT/AI hardware product startups innovate faster.

We value innovation and we are aware of the fact that because innovation is so expensive, many of the promising startups are not able to productise their ideas.

We are committed to helping startups centered around AI/IoT and AIoT and business heads of organizations who want to deploy this cutting edge technology.

Our Vision

ShunyaOS has been designed with the ability to perform AI on edge, combined AIoT. The overall resources required to experience these technologies are quite expensive.

But, ShunyaOS aims to make this technology affordable to every single person who is willing to experience it, create wonderful things with it.

Our vision has primarily been Design in India with the motivation to make India a destination for cutting-edge technologies and set new frontiers in the AI and IoT domain.


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Want to stay ahead in AI and IoT? Want to experience innovation ahead of everyone? Our team at ShunyaOS is dedicated to helping startups centered around AI/IoT, helping them create wonderful products with this cutting-edge technology

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