About us

Digi-Technorum 2020

Digital Technology Forum 2020

The coolest and most open IoT & AI forum.

We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation who is deeply into upskilling and creating globally leading startups in IoT and AI.

The aim is to provide a platform to innovators to display their innovation, tech enthusiasts to learn and grow and entrepreneurs find the innovations easily directly from the innovators benefiting people at large.

Join our initiative and work in a collaborative environment to gain more out of the IoT & AI opportunity

We are working towards up skilling Indian youth in our focus areas in emerging technologies(IoT& AI) .

  • Upper side Goal : Create globally leading startups out of India in IoT & AI.
  • Lower side goal : Create huge high skill talent pool in IoT & AI domain and get them highly rewarding careers.

We upskill ,  hold events including technical and business and sometimes we just meet for coffee to rub some motivation into each other.

We can help you with product development and manufacturing contacts too.

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Meet The Team

The team is a a perfect blend of creativity and technical marvel. Each member of the team is fully aware and motivated to work towards the mission and vision of the NPO hence, care for the quality, craft and disciplined experimentation for the mutual growth of the organisation and themselves.

Digi-Technorum was founded in 2017 by Nikhil Bhaskaran,  more than a decade of experience in core electronics from design to production, he  returned to India to run this mission after 7 years of being an entrepreneur in hi-tech domain in  Shenzhen, China.

World will operate through many different communities created for different causes .
As I build my own product I am also taking leadership role by helping other IoT & AI startups through this initiative. 



Where You Can Find Us

Our Address

IoTIoT Innovation Lab -3
IoT C.O.E C.O.E.P’s Bhau Institute of Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Beside COEP Boat Club, College of Engineering Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005