Certee®is a Blockchain Based Fully Automated Certificate Creation and Publishing Tool.

Who don't wants to end academic frauds in India? Who don't want to ensure that only right students obtain recognition and respect for their efforts and respect for their efforts. Who don't wants to eliminate the middleman from the certificate issuance process? Who don't want to an efficient process in certificate issuance?

Seems Tough? It's not.
Certee®is Solution.

Contact us now for Demo. Joji@print2block.com 9884544212 In this Tool, you will discover that you will be able to.. 1)make certificates Truly Digital by Authentic,Verifiable, Secure, Immutable, Trackable and Notarized on the Ethereum Blockchain-most popular blockchain for enterprise use 2)It makes verification of certificates independent of issuing organization.Verifier can verify the authenticity of certificates in seconds just by one click. 3)It fosters simplicity in issuing process.Multiple certificates can be issued instantly and sent to learners via email and SMS at the same time. 4)Moreover, designing certificates is quite easy as well. Templates are available in Certee®'s Design Studio as well. 5) Remove middleman from issuance and verification process 6)to become a technology pioneer and inspire others to adopt blockchain. 7)to be able to gain marketing advantage as students will share their certificates confidently. Contact us now for Demo. Joji@print2block.com 9884544212

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