Want to know how to create Hype in Market


5 STEPS to become hype marketer :

Choose a Live Project domain (Tech. / Non Tech.)

Competitor SWOT analysis for chosen product.

Influencer Marketing for your chosen product.

Design stories and experiences for your Target Segment.

Use AI based digital marketing tools and test your ideas via our account

Want to know more

We don’t believe in plain theory or case studies.

This program is for the creative people who are both open minded and persistent until they master modern tools.

You work only on latest techniques with modern AI based marketing tools

About the Skilling Program

All skilling is FREE and sponsored by (non profit)

Each module is complete in itself  and helps you learn a key part of the skill.

The skilling program takes a complete industry ready + practical, learn by doing approach so even if someone doesn’t qualify for a job he/she  will be able to create his/her own startup + have an industry ready skill and certificate in hand.

Certificate after completion of skilling program.

Full transparency in advance – Everything is shared in advance and you know what you will get. You won’t be asked to data entry or low end stuff in the name of internship

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